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Meet @izellegrimbeek , the woman behind CF Suncare.

She goes all out to make applying SPF a daily routine, just like brushing your teeth! 


Her mission is to bring SPF to people, promoting healthy skin habits, which is one of CF Suncare’s brand mission. No longer sticky, greasy, burning eyes and smelly mess. At CF Suncare they constantly create new products that you’ll love, so that applying SPF isn’t a mission but becomes a routine you adopt with excitement.


There is no replacement for great looking skin, and sun protection plays an enormous part in that!

We tend to spend so much money on serums, moisturisers and other face care products, but if sunscreen doesn't come into your daily routine, than dare I say, it's money down the drain!

The sun is one of the most harmful factors when it comes to the deterioration of our skin. Aging, skin cancer and pigmentation are all nasty results of too much sun, but what's really exciting is that CF Suncare has developed a range of skin protection that's designed to suit EVERYONE'S needs.

You, your babes and your husband!

And even better, it is locally produced!

This light and absorbent cream goes to work on protecting your skin every from the minute you apply it! Whether you are driving your car, at the beach or even sitting at your laptop (yes those damage your skin too!), these amazing formulations are designed to go to work against the UV Rays.

My personal favourites are the Glow sunscreen and the SPF mist!

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