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(n.) a lover of beauty; someone who finds and appreciates beauty in all things

Brenna Lou was birthed out of Kerry’s love for all things beautiful. Inspired by beauty and the desire to stop and “smell the roses”, Kerry sees beauty in most things. Her mantra being, that we are surrounded by beauty constantly, if we will just take the time to look for it.

Kerry’s jewellery embraces the beauty of femininity. Her pieces are unashamedly feminine, bejewelled, delicate and timeless. They are a tribute to ladies everywhere, especially to her two girls. Kerry’s hope is that her jewellery will inspire in you just that little more appreciation for beauty and the reminder to stop and “smell the roses.”

As Franz Kafka said, “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” 

May you never grow old...


The Brenna Lou brand focuses on the creation of feminine, delicate jewellery with the use of genuine gemstones. As someone who appreciates quality and the finer things in life, I know that sometimes the most beautiful wonders aren't always the largest or the shiniest.

I admire the restraint that Kerry takes in designing pieces that are simple yet striking. She allows the beauty of the gems to do the talking, and sets them in the most thoughtful way in order to show off what makes them unique.

Just as magnificant are her custom designs that hold a little piece of their wearer's heart in them. This is a brand that I can't wait to watch grow.


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FROM R16750


The Bridgitte is an exquisite moss agate kite cut (9x6mm) that is topped with a 3x2mm bottle green tourmaline and supported by 8 round diamonds.

The kite-shape style was initially popular in the 1920s where it was typical to Art Deco style.


Although seemingly unconventional, the kite cut has been increasingly sought after in recent years. I can see why. The geometric lines and symmetry make for an eye catching piece that stands out from the ordinary.

This is glamour and sophistication with a hint of edginess!

The Bridgette is available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold (18ct).

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FROM R5150


This marvel has been thoughtfully created with a variety of topaz and tanzanite gemstones in different cuts. This cluster works magically together to form the most unique and interesting jewel.


I absolutely adore the clever use of these blue hues, but should you prefer a different colour gemstone, Kerry would be more than happy to make your vision come true with other genuine gemstones. Think: exquisite pinks, champagnes, greens etc.