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Probiotic skincare is still a relatively new, but growing concept. At Bree Probiotic Skincare, they believe that it is the future. With the use of probiotic in skincare products, Bree Probiotic skincare products protect and maintain healthy skin.

Each Bree probiotic skincare product contains millions of different strains of bacillus bacteria to ensure efficacy on skin. Their probiotic guarantee is that there are 50 million probiotics per ml in every skincare and haircare product.

Bree probiotic skincare offers a simplified and sustainable skincare solution for all skin types, to aid you on your skincare journey.

At Bree, they believe good things take time. Every new skincare and haircare product goes through a thorough and rigorous process of testing and formulation for a minimum of 30 weeks before being released into the market. With a team of scientists and dermatologists they ensure their products are the very best skincare products available. 

On top of their passion for beautiful skin and hair, they are focused on their core values. Every skincare product is vegan friendly, cruelty free and no product is tested on animals.

They have a deep sense that we need to preserve the environment. Every skincare product's potential impact on the environment, from the glass bottles to the FSC approved packaging, is considered.


Probiotic skincare is fairly new in South African made products, and in general, is not very affordable. Bree is out to change this.

I don't like to recommend any skincare brand that I haven't used before, which is why I am so grateful that I've had the opportunity to test out Bree Skincare before actually listing them. Not only does this locally made brand stand out in terms of look and feel, but the product contents works beautifully.

notable difference in my skin was visible after a week of use, which lead me to believe that the claims around the necessary production of good bacteria must be true! (see image below)

 In the same way that probiotics help the microbiome in your gut, it is apparent that they have the same effect for your skin. The popularity of probiotics for gut problems has risen rapidly and the same is now starting to happen with probiotics in skincare. The more we understand the benefits of probiotics and understand the skin microbiome the more essential probiotics will become as part of a skincare routine.

At Bree they believe that the future of skincare is probiotics, and I have to admit I am well on my way to being convinced of the very same thing!


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The Probiotic Facial Cleanser contains a high concentration of probiotics. It removes impurities and make-up effortlessly. Gently massage into face and neck with a little warm water and then rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


Probiotics lower the risk of infections by ensuring a healthy microflora on the skin. Furthermore, using this cleanser will result in cleaner skin with less allergens, improved wound healing and smoother skin with less wrinkles.

Probiotics have been proven to increase collagen and protein production, as well as improve oxygen intake. Together with Bree Probiotic Facial Moisturiser, this cleanser helps to maintain a healthy complexion and skin's natural moisture balance.





Light weight and liquid free, the Bree Probiotic Shampoo Bar is the ideal travel partner.

These shampoo bars are packed with a blend of amazing oils and probiotics to nourish and cleanse your hair, leaving it feeling silky and soft and free from any build up. Your hair will also not be stripped of its own natural oils in the process.

A shampoo bar is relatively unexplored territory for me, but I have found it to be so easy to use! Create a lather by stroking the shampoo bar a few times over wet hair or alternatively rub the shampoo bar between your fingers and gently massage into the scalp and hair. Wait 1-2 minutes and rinse once completed.

For the best results, use together with the Bree Conditioner Bar. The Bree Travel Box ensures safe and effective transport for your bars when traveling.