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A lifestyle brand encompassing the elements of nature to create a calm space for delicate home living and environmental kindness.


Their products are packaged and designed by interior decorators to ensure your home looks, smells and feels beautifully balanced, with the perfection of natural products.  From their healing herbal soaps and bath salts; jute baskets and rugs for a spa like bathroom to the linen and candles for your bedroom; dining tables and kitchen, everything you need for your home is right there on their store. Their store is complete with products that have been handmade in the heart of Africa and ethically sourced for your conscious consuming convenience and living pleasure.

While a healthy mind, body and soul is the main reason for its existence, Bonnita Lifestyle promotes a conscious lifestyle with mindful packaging and locally sourced talent on all their handmade products. Believing that beauty comes from the earth, this is the Bonnita Lifestyle way of giving back to mother nature for the gift of beautiful living.




I have loved the Bonnita Lifestyle brand and everything it encompasses for the longest time; and to finally list these beautiful products on the Epiphany directory is a dream come true!

Bonnita has developed each beautiful product slowly over time, ensuring that it is made from the highest quality materials, perfect for the conscious consumer who adores a neutral and mindful living aesthetic.

From wax melts to shampoo bars, and candles with high percentage fragrances designed to make your home smell incredible and your heart fill with joy, this is the perfect place to shop for gifts, home decor or luxury treats that will make your heart and home happy.


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