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Nicci, the founder and designer of Blush,​ had a vision to create a product that was made to suit the daily comfort and style needs of the power woman. 

Blush was created out of the frustration of having to wear an uncomfortable bra everyday. As women we want support and shape, just without the pain and discomfort of wearing a bra. Say goodbye to straps digging into your shoulders and the tightness of the fastener on your back. Toss your bra and try one of these Blush tops. These Tops are designed to suit any body type in any circumstance; and Nicci encourages you to stretch your Blush wear to the limit.

Choose your cup, choose your top and you've got yourself a new best friend: a Blush Top. 


All of the Blush products are made locally in Johannesburg, South Africa. By supporting Blush you are supporting six local businesses that are involved in their supply chain. 

"I hope you have as much fun wearing our garments as we have had developing and making them." - Nicci


Well the obvious reason is because I genuinely HATE bras! It's a "can't live with them, can't live without them" situation, in my case.

As a woman with a larger chest who can't go without a bra, the idea of a top that gives me all the shape and support, without all the uncomfortable straps makes me a very excited lady!

I am yet to try a Blush top but I can't wait until I do!


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