Andsara is a South African based online shop specialising in artisanal home textiles, lovingly curated by longtime friends and founders, Andrea Barras and Sarah Warren.


Working closely with master craftsmen and women in Rajasthan, India, they offer a range of products with distinctive prints and colourways - combining timeless design with traditional skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

While journeying to India in early 2018, this duo fell in love with the beautiful textiles produced by local artisans, and felt compelled to stay true to the centuries old art form of Hand Block Printing through their own curated homeware range.

The use of carefully carved wooden blocks to apply intricate designs onto 100% Indian cotton is mesmerising in itself, but the true beauty of block print is that there is endless opportunity for creativity!


"We take joy in the fact that the subtle imperfections - often a result of the hand printing process - are the very thing that enhances the beauty of each piece.

Through our brand, Andsara, we celebrate collaboration, authenticity, timeless design and home comforts - showcasing the rich history, processes and materials that make our products special and unique."




The beautiful block printed fabrics that Andsara supplies are a feast for the eyes.

I am completely obsessed with this gorgeous range that spans from napkins, to bedding, to cushion covers.

There is nothing more beautiful than artisan printed fabric that fills your home with joyful design and good quality textiles. 

Beautiful blues, marigolds and reds will bring magic to any space, whether it's a table of friends or your favourite occasional chair.

These fabrics are too beautiful not to share.


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